02/04/2007The Church At The Front LineDownload
02/11/2007Fight And StandDownload
02/18/2007Putting On The Full Armor Of GodDownload
02/25/2007Protective Armor Of GodDownload
03/04/2007Stand Ready In PeaceDownload
03/11/2007Take Up The Shield Of FaithDownload
03/18/2007The Helmet Of Future HopeDownload
03/25/2007The Sword Of The SpiritDownload
04/01/2007The Bread And The CupDownload
04/06/2007The Darkness - The Cry - The VeilDownload
04/15/2007Our Prayer In Our Warfare (p1)Download
04/22/2007Our Pray In Our Warfare (p2)Download
04/29/2007Comrade In PrayerDownload
05/06/2007Spiritual Care In PrayDownload
05/13/2007The Tie That BindsDownload
05/20/2007Incorruptible LoveDownload
05/27/2007The DreamerDownload
06/03/2007Broken DreamsDownload
06/10/2007Blossom Where PlantedDownload
06/17/2007Winning The Wars WithinDownload
07/15/2007Remembered and Lifted UpDownload
07/22/2007In Charge And In PraiseDownload
07/29/2007On Conscience Before GodDownload
08/05/2007Retrain The HeartDownload
08/12/2007Purging The SelfDownload
08/19/2007When Grace Breaks ThroughDownload
08/26/2007Living The Call AgainDownload
09/02/2007A Time To LiveDownload
09/09/2007A Time To DieDownload
09/16/2007Providence And ResponsibilityDownload
09/23/2007The Place Of God In LiveDownload
09/30/2007My Place In My ChurchDownload
10/07/2007My Prayer In My ChurchDownload
10/14/2007My Worship With My ChurchDownload
10/21/2007Discipline In My ChurchDownload
10/28/2007My Giving In My ChurchDownload
11/04/2007My Leader In My ChurchDownload
11/11/2007Telling The Greatest StoryDownload
11/18/2007Breaking The SilenceDownload
11/25/2007Declaring God's MysteryDownload
12/02/2007None But JesusDownload
12/09/2007The Fore RunnerDownload
12/23/2007Bethlehem ChildDownload
01/06/2008The Child Who is GodDownload
01/13/2008The Voice In The WildernessDownload
01/20/2008The Cry For Repentence (p1)Download
01/27/2008The Cry For Repentence (p2)Download
02/03/2008The Devotion And The PriceDownload
02/10/2008Confirmation Of The Son (p1)Download
02/17/2008Confirmation Of The Son (p2)Download
02/24/2008The Proof And The Test (p1)Download
03/02/2008The Proof And The Test (p2)Download
03/09/2008The Proof And The Test (p3)Download
03/16/2008Day Of Celebration - Day Of TearsDownload
03/23/2008Resurrection Life For The HeartDownload
03/30/2008Community In Resurrection LifeDownload
04/06/2008Our Christ RememberedDownload
04/13/2008Rejected By His OwnDownload
04/20/2008The Authority Of JesusDownload
04/27/2008The Power Of Jesus (p1)Download
05/04/2008The Power Of Jesus (p2)Download
05/11/2008The Devine FishermanDownload
05/18/2008His TouchDownload
05/25/2008Operation Forgiveness (p1)Download
06/01/2008Operation Forgiveness (p2)Download
06/08/2008Hearing His CallDownload
06/15/2008The Unique GospelDownload
06/22/2008The Lord Of The Heart (p1)Download
07/06/2008The Lord Of The Heart (p2)Download
07/13/2008Living WiseDownload
07/20/2008Habits Of FoolsDownload
07/27/2008Be Honest Be TrueDownload
08/03/2008Be TeachableDownload
08/14/2008Deadly PrideDownload
08/24/2008Wise Stewardship (p1) Download
08/31/2008Wise Stewardship (p2)Download
09/07/2008The Master's MenDownload
09/14/2008The Master's Men - PeterDownload
09/21/2008The Master's Men - AndrewDownload
09/28/2008The Master's Men - JamesDownload
10/05/2008The Master's Men - JohnDownload
10/12/2008The Master's Men - PhillipDownload
10/19/2008Seeking GodDownload
10/26/2008Vitality RenewedDownload
11/02/2008The Call Of The GospelDownload
11/09/2008The Master's Men - NathanielDownload
11/16/2008The Master's Men - Matthew and ThomasDownload
11/23/2008The Master's Men - James, Simon, JudasDownload
11/30/2008The Heart Of ThanksgivingDownload
12/07/2008The Master's Traitor - JudasDownload
12/14/2008In His SonDownload
12/28/2008Mighty To Save ForeverDownload
01/02/2009Torch In The WorldDownload
01/11/2009Make Plain The WorldDownload
01/18/2009Ascribing Glory To GodDownload
01/25/2009Following God TogetherDownload
02/01/2009Living BiblicallyDownload
02/08/2009Compassionate ServanthoodDownload
02/15/2009Into The WorldDownload
02/22/2009A Place To StandDownload
03/01/2009A Place To LiveDownload
03/08/2009A Place To GrowDownload
03/15/2009By All Mean Save SomeDownload
03/22/2009For All PeopleDownload
03/29/2009Christian Character PoorDownload
04/05/2009The Day Of The KingDownload
04/12/2009The Resurrection ImperativeDownload
04/19/2009Blessed Are The HungryDownload
04/26/2009Blessed Are The WeepingDownload
05/17/2009A Place For ExperienceDownload
05/24/2009Jude Not Condemn NotDownload
05/31/2009Love In ActionDownload
06/07/2009On The Rock Or On The SandDownload
06/21/2009Amazing FaithDownload
07/12/2009Dealing With Doubts Download
07/19/2009True GreatnessDownload
07/26/2009The Lost GenerationDownload
08/02/2009Deeper LoveDownload
08/09/2009With Jesus In His WorkDownload
08/16/2009Responses Of The HeartDownload
08/23/2009Consider How You HearDownload
08/30/2009Calming The StormDownload
09/13/2009Over the Demons (p2)Download
09/20/2009Deep Pain Deep ChangeDownload
10/25/2009How Can They BelieveDownload
11/01/2009Wrong Way MessageDownload
11/08/2009Wrong Way Message (p2)Download
11/15/2009Turning Around Download
11/22/2009The Man And The MessageDownload
11/29/2009Spirit-filled ThanksgivingDownload
12/06/2009Mercy and RepentanceDownload
12/13/2009The Heart Of GodDownload
12/20/2009When Grace AppearsDownload
12/27/2009When Grace Appears (p2)Download
01/03/2010When Grace Breaks ThroughDownload
01/10/2010When Grace TransformsDownload
01/17/2010Purchased By GraceDownload
01/24/2010Speaking with AuthorityDownload
01/31/2010Messengers Of Christ (p1)Download
02/07/2010Messengers Of Christ (p2)Download
02/21/2010A Life Of HopeDownload
02/28/2010The Process Of PreparationDownload
03/07/2010Power And CompassionDownload
03/14/2010Foundation Of FaithDownload
03/21/2010The Way Of The Cross (p1)Download
03/28/2010The Way Of The Cross (p2)Download
04/11/2010Experiencing LifeDownload
04/18/2010The Nurturing WayDownload
04/25/2010The Growing WayDownload
05/02/2010Mission FlamesDownload
05/09/2010A Glimpse Of GloryDownload
05/16/2010The Need For FaithDownload
05/23/2010The Way To GreatnessDownload
05/30/2010Right Heart In ServiceDownload
06/13/2010The Man Who StandsDownload
07/04/2010Woman Of GraceDownload
07/11/2010Man Of Proven WorthDownload
07/18/2010Woman Of FaithDownload
07/25/2010Gods Will In PrayerDownload
08/01/2010Real Faith In Real Giving (p1)Download
08/08/2010Real Faith In Real Giving (p2)Download
08/15/2010Real Faith In Real CareDownload
08/22/2010The Crucial Partnership (p1)Download
08/22/2010The Crucial RelationshipDownload
08/29/2010The Crucial Partnership (p2)Download
09/12/2010Sent OutDownload
09/13/2010The Message And The ResponseDownload
09/26/2010Warning SirenDownload
10/03/2010Healthy Ways Of FaithDownload
10/10/2010A Healthy Journey (p1)Download
10/17/2010A Healthy Journey (p2)Download
10/24/2010Preach God's FameDownload
10/31/2010Joy In ServiceDownload
11/07/2010The Joy Of Christ (p1)Download
11/14/2010The Joy Of Christ (p2)Download
11/21/2010The Most Important AnswerDownload
11/28/2010Love Thy NeighborDownload
12/05/2010Only One ThingDownload
12/12/2010Carmen Christi (p1)Download
12/19/2010Carmen Christi (p2)Download
01/02/2011A Call To Duty (p1)Download
01/09/2011 A Call To Duty (p2)Download
01/16/2011The Power Of Trust In GodDownload
01/30/2011God's Movers In The WorldDownload
02/06/2011The Pattern Of PrayerDownload
02/13/2011Our Father HeavenDownload
02/20/2011Hallowed Be Thy NameDownload
02/27/2011 Cultivating The HeartDownload
03/06/2011Thy Kingdom ComeDownload
03/13/2011Thy Will Be DoneDownload
03/20/2011The Daily BreadDownload
03/27/2011Thy ForgivenessDownload
04/03/2011Words To TreasureDownload
04/10/2011Words For Difficult SituationsDownload
04/17/2011Let The People Praise YouDownload
04/22/2011 The Test Of The CrossDownload
04/24/2011 The Resurrection And MeDownload
05/02/2011 Words For FreshnessDownload
05/07/2011Quality For Life Download
05/15/2011Thy Forgiveness (p2) Download
05/22/2011Thy Forgiveness (p3) Download
05/29/2011Thy Forgiveness (p4) Download
06/05/2011The ChosenDownload
07/10/2011 Grant Thy ProtectionDownload
07/17/2011Boldness In Prayer (p1)Download
07/24/2011Boldness In Prayer (p2)Download
07/31/2011Attack On ChristDownload
08/07/2011Dangerous MoralityDownload
08/14/2011The Final Sign Download
08/21/2011Sight In The LightDownload
08/28/2011The Gospel Confrontation Download
09/04/2011Obstructions To FaithDownload
09/11/2011The Yeast Of HypocrisyDownload
09/18/2011The Cure For Hypocrisy Download
09/25/2011Spirit's Cure For Hypocrisy Download
10/02/2011The Rich FoolDownload
10/09/2011No WorriesDownload
10/16/2011Seek First The KingdomDownload
11/20/2011Waiting For The Lord (p1)Download
11/27/2011Waiting For The Lord (p2)Download
12/04/2012The Glory Of ChristDownload
12/11/2011The Fellowship With ChristDownload
12/18/2011 Sent To The World (p1)Download
12/25/2011 Sent To The World (p2)Download
01/08/2012Make The Day Holy Download
01/22/2012Make The Day Holy (p3)Download
01/29/2012Choices Of The HeartDownload
02/05/2012Division For Christ Download
02/12/2012 Discerning The TimesDownload
02/19/2012 Living Under The SwordDownload
02/26/2012The Simple WayDownload
03/04/2012 A Through WayDownload
03/11/2012Living Under The Sword (p2)Download
03/18/2012Compassion And Hypocrisy Download
03/25/2012The Impact Of God's Kingdom Download
04/01/2012 Only A FewDownload
04/06/2012 The Darkness And The CryDownload
04/07/2012The VeilDownload
04/08/2012 Eternal Security Download
05/13/2012Honor Is A VerbDownload
05/20/2012Understanding LifeDownload
05/27/2012 Stages To The HarvestDownload
06/03/2012Knowing And Doing God's Will Download
06/17/2012Choosing Your Heritage Download
07/08/2012In Their FootstepsDownload
07/15/2012 In Their Footsteps (p2)Download
07/22/2012In Their Footsteps (p3)Download
07/29/2012 True Follows Of Christ Download
08/05/2012Where Love DividesDownload
08/12/2012The Joy Of HeavenDownload
08/19/2012The Father's Embrace Download
08/26/2012The Father's Embrace (p2)Download
09/02/2012Earthly Money For Heavenly Profit Download
09/09/2012Money And Heart Download
09/16/2012Money And Heart (p2)Download
09/23/2012Death Hell And The Gospel Download
09/30/2012Death Hell And The Gospel (p2)Download
10/07/2012Sin And ForgivenessDownload
10/14/2012Faith Through Duty Download
10/21/2012Healed Or Saved Download
10/28/2012The Kingdom And The Coming King Download
11/04/2012 The Kingdom And The Coming King (p2)Download
11/11/2012Persistent In Prayer Download
11/25/2012Give Thanks In All Circumstances Download
12/02/2012 God's Plan For ChristmasDownload
12/09/2012 People Of HopeDownload
12/23/2012The Peace Of God Download
12/24/2012Christmas MessageDownload
01/06/2013Children Of The KingdomDownload
01/13/2013The Seeker And The Gospel MessageDownload
01/20/2013The Seeker And The Gospel Message (p2)Download
02/03/2013Aiming For The CrossDownload
02/10/2013The Last SignDownload
02/17/2013John: The Man & The Message Download
02/24/2013Purpose Of RestDownload
03/03/2013Sought And FoundDownload
03/10/2013One Life For The KingDownload
03/17/2013Celebration And JudgementDownload
03/24/2013Celebration And Judgement (p2)Download
03/29/2013Good Friday: Instead Of MeDownload
04/07/2013The Final RejectionDownload
04/14/2013The God We WorshipDownload
04/21/2013God Who RedeemsDownload
04/28/2013Final VerdictDownload
05/05/2013To Caesar and to GodDownload
05/12/2013The Resurrection ChallengeDownload
05/19/2013Son Of DavidDownload
05/26/2013Hypocrisy ExposedDownload
06/02/2013Widow's Two CoinsDownload
06/09/2013The Sign of the End TimeDownload
06/16/2013The Sign of the End Time (p2)Download
06/23/2013Persecution Of BelieversDownload
07/07/2013Persecution Of Believers (p2)Download
07/14/2013Times Of The GentilesDownload
07/21/2013The Signs Of Christ's ReturnDownload
07/28/2013Living In AnticipationDownload
08/04/2013Return To First LoveDownload
08/11/2013Return To First Love (p2)Download
08/18/2013Be FaithfulDownload
08/25/2013Be Faithful (p2)Download
09/01/2013The Perils Of CompromiseDownload
09/15/2013The Perils Of Compromise (p2)Download
09/22/2013Cancer Of False TeachingDownload
09/29/2013Cancer Of False Teaching (p2)Download
10/06/2013Cancer Of False Teaching (p3)Download
10/13/2013A Dying ChurchDownload
10/20/2013A Dying Church (p2)Download
10/27/2013The Power Of PatienceDownload
11/03/2013The All Seeing GodDownload
11/10/2013Persevere In The WordDownload
11/17/2013Persevere In The Word (p2)Download
11/24/2013Persevere In The Word (p3)Download
12/02/2013Carmen ChristiDownload
12/08/2013Carmen Christi - His Sacrifice Download
12/15/2013Carmen Christi - His ExaltationDownload
12/22/2013Carmen Christi - The Incomparable ChristDownload
12/24/2013Song Of SalvationDownload
12/29/2013Carmen Christi - In His StepsDownload
01/05/2014Carmen Christi - In His Steps (p2)Download
01/12/2014No Lukewarm Follower Download
01/19/2014No Lukewarm Follower (p2)Download
01/26/2014The Evil TeamDownload
02/02/2014The Communion SacramentDownload
02/09/2014Betrayal And GraceDownload
02/23/2014Facing The WorldDownload
03/02/2014Thy Will Be DoneDownload
03/09/2014The Lord BetrayedDownload
03/16/2014The Lord DeniedDownload
03/23/2014The Lord On Trial – Before The SanhedrinDownload
03/30/2014The Lord On Trial – Before The GentilesDownload
04/05/2014Essential EasterDownload
04/06/2014The Final VerdictDownload
04/13/2014Via DolorosaDownload
04/18/2014The Way To GodDownload
04/20/2014The Resurrection and MeDownload
04/27/2014The Cross and The SinnerDownload
05/04/2014Response At The CrossDownload
05/11/2014The Burial And The TombDownload
05/18/2014The Wisdom Of God For The Tough Times In Your LifeDownload
05/25/2014The Resurrection WitnessesDownload
06/01/2014An Encounter With ChristDownload
06/15/2014The Great CommissionDownload
06/22/2014The Great Commission (p2)Download
07/06/2014The Ascension Of ChristDownload
07/13/2014First Thing FirstDownload
07/20/2014First Thing First (p2)Download
07/27/2014The Quiet WorkDownload
08/03/2014The Quiet Work (p2)Download
08/10/2014Castles On The Sand / Lâu Đài Trên CátDownload
08/17/2014God's Word Up CloseDownload
08/24/2014Facing OppositionDownload
08/31/2014Facing Opposition (p2)Download
09/07/2014Solving Internal ProblemsDownload
09/14/2014Handling Personal PainsDownload
09/21/2014Rebuilding The PeopleDownload
09/28/2014Rebuilding The People (p2)Download
10/05/2014Rebuilding The People (p3)Download
10/12/2014Practical RepentanceDownload
10/19/2014Practical CommitmentDownload
10/26/2014The Deceptions Of The Last DaysDownload
11/02/2014Practical Commitment (p2)Download
11/09/2014Practical Commitment (p3)Download
11/16/2014The Prosperity Of The WickedDownload
11/23/2014Rededication To The LordDownload
11/30/2014Weed Out CompromisesDownload
12/07/2014The Glorious TrinityDownload
12/14/2014The Eternal TrinityDownload
12/21/2014Our Father GodDownload
12/28/2014Our Lord God The SonDownload