01/01/2017God's Great SalvationDownload
01/08/2017The Tragedy Of IsraelDownload
01/15/2017The Tragedy Of Israel (p2)Download
01/22/2017Israel And God’s Sovereign ChoiceDownload
01/29/2017Israel And God’s Sovereign Choice (p2)Download
02/05/2017Israel And God’s Sovereign Choice (p3)Download
02/12/2017Israel And God’s Sovereign Choice (p4)Download
02/19/2017Vessels Of MercyDownload
02/19/2017Mercy And DisobedienceDownload
03/05/2017Missing God's RighteousnessDownload
03/12/2017To Philippi, With LoveDownload
03/19/2017The Way To God’s RighteousnessDownload
03/26/2017The Way To God’s Righteousness (p2)Download
04/02/2017To Philippi, With Love (p2)Download
04/09/2017The Day Of The MessiahDownload
04/14/2017The Reach Of The CrossDownload
04/23/2017How Shall People Be Saved?Download
04/30/2017How Shall People Be Saved? (p2)Download
05/07/2017How Shall People Be Saved? (p3)Download
05/14/2017How Shall People Be Saved? (p4)Download
05/21/2017The Hope Of SalvationDownload
05/28/2017The Hope Of Salvation (p2)Download
06/04/2017A Most Excellent PrayerDownload
06/11/2017Let Grace Be GraceDownload
06/25/2017Stumble But Won't FallDownload
07/09/2017The Root And The BranchesDownload
07/16/2017The Kindness And Severity Of GodDownload
07/23/2017I Want You To KnowDownload
07/30/2017Whether By Life Or By DeathDownload
08/06/2017God's Irrevocable GiftDownload
08/13/2017God's Irrevocable Gift (p2)Download
08/20/2017The Wonder And Glory Of GodDownload
08/20/2017The Wonder And Glory Of GodDownload
08/27/2017True Spiritual WorshipDownload
09/03/2017True Spiritual Worship (p2)Download
09/10/2017Christ My All, His People My CallDownload
09/17/2017Live WorthyDownload
09/24/2017Heart For Spiritual ServiceDownload
10/01/2017Heart For Spiritual Service (p2)Download
10/08/2017Heart For Spiritual Service (p3)Download
10/15/2017Heart For Spiritual Service (p4)Download
10/22/2017Spiritual Gifts For ServiceDownload
10/29/2017The Way For UnityDownload
11/05/2017Spiritual Gifts For Service (p2)Download
11/05/2017Spiritual Gifts For Service (p3)Download
11/19/2017The Way For Unity (p2)Download
11/26/2017The Way To Unity - The Way Of ChristDownload
12/03/2017Where Love DividesDownload
12/10/2017The Joy Of Heaven Download
12/17/2017The Father's EmbraceDownload
12/22/2017God With UsDownload
12/24/2017The Child Who Is GodDownload
12/31/2017The Father's Embrace (p2)Download